There’s an unwritten law in comedy, which is not really true, but seems to be true.

The best comedy comes immediately, fully formed.

This is often pretty true:

  • A spontaneous ad-lib is often more on point than prepared material
  • Some jokes comes as inspiration and work perfectly in the form they appeared
  • The simplest ideas are often the best

Conversely, an idea can be laboured over and contrived and contrived until it becomes a giant edifice… and can then fall completely flat. It’s easy to over engineer, over think, and over compensate.

When you’re producing online content, there’s a dilemma here. Something that takes a couple of minutes to produce may in fact do better than something that takes a few days… yet similarly you can knock out any old crap in a couple of minutes and lose your audience altogether.

If there’s an easy answer to this, I’d like to hear it.

I have a couple of suggestions:

  • Mix your simplest and crudest ideas with your carefully crafted
  • Take feedback on what does and doesn’t work
  • Produce prototypes of more complex things to see how they sound/look long before committing to them
  • With more complex things, give them space to grow – come back to them to see how they appear with fresh eyes and ears, and don’t be afraid to edit/cut

Above all else, though, finish things and get them out there. This is way easier to do with small simple things!