I put together a quick song yesterday with a pointed view on “Freedom Day”. The politics of the content, and whether I even agree with it myself, are another matter. There are a few things about this production which I thought were interesting.

I wrote the song pretty quickly. It’s quite short, but I didn’t agonise over it. I just knocked out a lyric mid morning, recorded a quick demo with some sort of tune to it at the same time, left it to brew and then came back to it in the evening.

After reading the lyric out to my wife – mainly to see how I felt saying it to another person – I went back and tightened up some stuff that felt baggy, remembered I’d intended to put a key change in, half-learned the song and then set up the recording space to perform it.

For those interested, I recorded on an iPad, sitting on a mic stand in a tripod clamp. The sound is from the room, but I ran it through some filters in GarageBand to give it a bit more shape – hence the reverb. I don’t live in a house as big as the reverb you hear.

The performance is about a 5 or 6 out of 10 here. So much could have been better, but I decided not to be self-conscious and just get the material out there. A finished ok thing is worth more than a grand idea that never happens.

It’s a good idea to subtitle a video like this, where the subtitles are pretty large, so they drip feed the phrases to the reader, and can be used to deliver the whole content, in time, without sound. I find I watch a lot of content without sound, and even though musical comedy is kind of 60% the sound, this song works muted. Some may argue it works better muted.

Finally, I always give myself room in the credits to say something silly. The credits aren’t really necessary, but they’re a bonus bit of screen time and often offer some room to do something unexpected.

I didn’t put a huge amount of time into this, but I tried to wring out the most from the time I gave it. Every time I create a complete video, I learn how to do future ones better.