It’s been a tough time.

I know it’s been hard and we all want to laugh. But sometimes it feels like we can’t; things are too deep right now. Part of me thinks we have a lot more pressure as comedians to be funny, and bring smiles in this difficult time. Part of me thinks many people are intentionally looking for funny content to take the edge off.

Because of this, I feel like things aren’t as funny as they used to be.

On the other side of the coin I feel like we need to laugh so much that our content radar has decreased in “value”. I’ve noticed my sense of humor has gotten worse, or less “intellectual”.

I am a bit of a comedy snob, a comedy intellectual, if you will. But lately I’ve found I’m enjoying fart jokes and bad puns like a £5 bottle of wine from Sainsbury’s. I know it’s not good but I need it right now.

Not all comedians are snobs. Some are happy to tell a silly joke, get a giggle and chalk it up to a job well done. Others, like myself, completely nerd out and look deeper into why a joke is funny, how to elevate it, what other examples can this be compared to? How can we make this joke, and every joke, the best joke it can be? And we NEVER settle for a lame ass fart joke.

Until now…

I don’t have the attention span for “smart jokes” anymore. We’re being bombarded with content at the moment; every video is funny, we’re taking in 100 memes a minute, everybody and their mother has a TikTok now (look I don’t know what this is or how it works but I keep seeing these videos, I’m officially older than everyone’s mother).

Things are so heavy right now and we’re all scared, even if we’re not admitting it. We NEED to laugh to keep ourselves sane.. It’s a tough time, and whatever gets you to smile or laugh is worth it, even if it’s just a fart joke. We need it!

In the early days of lockdown I spent hours writing, recording and editing sketches to make light of the world we now live in. For example:

Then this clip went viral:

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Sound On. 😂🙌🏾 🎥: @caraeskinner

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This passed for content on the internet… This went more viral than the very virus we’re all currently escaping. I had lost faith in humanity. I thought I may as well walk into a glass door, video it with boomerang and add a Drake song…but I can’t do that to myself (if you’re a fan of the idea, you do it, tag me!).

So right now, how I’m keeping myself sane is the 100 memes a minute, older content that used to make me laugh back when we could go outside. You know, it had to be good, because it was competing with outside. Then there’s the feel good romcoms from my youth (reminders of freedom I guess?).

And death jokes… Why jokes about dying during a pandemic make me laugh out loud, I don’t know, but somehow it makes the inevitable less scary.

I’m not saying we’re all gonna die now…but we’re all gonna die eventually. Let’s laugh while we’re still here, shall we? 


  • Michael Che Matters
  • Anything Iliza Shlesinger (okay except the sketch show, sorry Iliza)
  • Jimmy Carr (lord help me but i giggled)
  • After Life by Ricky Gervais
  • Comedy Central presents
  • Devil Wears Prada
  • 100 memes a minute (follow meme pages, they’re all the same and they’re everywhere and they help)

Keep Safe. Keep Sane. Keep Laughing.