The best podcast ideas come from a conversation that was going to happen anyway. The ParaPod podcast, which is now also a movie, is the perfect example of this.

Veteran podcaster and comedian Ian Boldsworth and his adorably flawed buddy Barry Dodds, a genuine true-believer of the paranormal, discuss issues around ghosts and conspiracies in their series of podcasts, available on

This has been a very successful podcast, and Ian and Barry decided to turn it into a film. The film was released at the start of 2020, shown at independent cinemas. I had the pleasure to attend the first showing, and it was a remarkably joyous occasion.

As Ian is a stand-up, his directorial instincts for pacing the narrative and the laughs meant that both screening I attended (I had to go again) had the air of a live comedy performance about them. This movie is clearly intended to delight fans of the podcast, but it doesn’t need fans to work.

The core value of creating something genuine, that’s a part of the creator’s self, is why the podcast and movies work so well. Even though there is a certain amount of construction and editing to make this its best on-screen or on air self, the relationship between Ian and Barry themselves, and their relationship with the subject matter is the star.

I took my wife to my second visit to The ParaPod Movie and she enjoyed it hugely as a first-timer to Ian and Barry’s work.

So. Write about what you know. Audiences love a slice of something genuine. Definitely take the piss out of your daft mate. And listen to the podcast, and go and see The ParaPod Movie.

Ian and Barry’s Patreon pages are linked from their names above too.