When writing comedy, one of the main rules is to lead the audience to the punchline in an efficient way. Don’t waste time. Get to the point. Of course, the point can sometimes be the meandering journey, and that’s fine too… but much advice on comedy writing is to reduce unnecessary attention span and time.

With live comedy performing, one particular pleasure for a performer is the shortest time between something happening and the joke about it getting a laugh. In improvisation and ad-libs, this is indeed the art. With topical comedy, people are laughing on the night at something from the day’s news is the epitome of the live experience.

With home-produced internet content, it’s great to do as Paul Dennis has done here, and get something out there (albeit in an old-school 4:3 format) within minutes of the news. Even better if it’s crooning jazz with a short route to a great punchline!