The ideal way to focus on relaunching Funny’s Funny was to spend a couple of weeks writing a book about how to create a show for a cancelled Edinburgh Fringe, right?

Well, yes and no.

On the one hand, it’s been useful to be creating a site that talks about the process of writing while attempting to achieve a (rather silly) writing project. As I experienced the usual creative tensions, frictions and general fed-up-ness that you get when slogging through any endeavour, I could also step outside of it and remember that it’s perfectly normal.

On the other hand, having too many fish to fry isn’t always a good thing, and you can spread yourself a bit thin. The book launch for this book, has been suitably muted… appropriate, really, given the damp squib Fringe that this book explains how to manage.

We’ve put the book on Amazon for free (in ebook edition) for a limited time, with a request that whichever price or format you get the book in, you round up the amount it cost you to some sensible price and drop the difference into The Trussell Trust’s coffers.

Writing a book about how not to do the Fringe was essentially a case of coming up with all the good advice on how to do the Fringe and then reversing it. If you read this book in reverse, you may discover some remarkably helpful advice in there…

But mainly we’re just taking the piss, using Amazon’s infrastructure to deliver a fairly one-note joke.