Calling James Cook a veteran comedian makes him sound like an aged man who’s seen bad things…

Watch James in Always Be Rolling, adapted from his Fringe shows.

However, James has earned his stripes and is well worth following.

As well as being a comedian and comedy tutor, he’s also pursued various other permutations of the craft. His podcast News With Jokes set a great example for comedian listeners, by proving what happens when you get a group of writer-performers together to take time to make material.

During lockdown he’s been running various online comedy formats, including remaking big Hollywood movies from fragments of material provided by people for whom reading the script is something of an optional activity. Primarily, though, he’s been exercising his love of board games with several editions of his Board Game Smackdown show:

James is living proof of the maxim that you should write about what you know. He’s adapted his multi-Fringe show Always Be Rolling for YouTube. You can support him on Patreon if you enjoy it.