I’m a sucker for those long-lost family reunion shows, and after watching one a few years ago, I imagined my own outcome for one of their stories. I made a daft joke about it on my Twitter page but more recently, during the Coronavirus lockdown with time on my hands, I decided to turn the tweet into a sketch and add it to my YouTube channel which had been woefully under-used in recent years.

That’s when I came up with the Trish character, and wondered what other situations I could put her in. I looked through my older tweets, some of which are written as small sketches or snippets of conversation and I realised these could form the basis for short sketches.

Since then, I’ve been coming up with new scenarios to drop Trish into, and I’m really enjoying not just the writing and acting out most of the parts, but it’s teaching me a lot about filming and editing with very basic equipment.

So that’s Trish’s origin story, and this is the sketch that started the ball rolling. I hope you enjoy it, more to come…