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Funny’s Funny is presently on the lookout for new contributors. If you’re interested, please contact Ashley Frieze on Facebook messenger.

The new Funny’s Funny website will be a place where creators can write about and share new content, where people can write about what’s happening in the world of comedy, how comedy is performed, how they create, or even what they’re doing.

The site is aimed at comedy fans who want to know how comedy is made, comedy creatives interested in the creative process, and people in comedy looking for practical ideas.

We’ll share external content, and will start with a diverse panel of contributors, writing about comedy from their particular perspective.

This is not a reviews site, but we reserve the right to fanboy over things we’ love. We’re not an index site, but we’ll link you to loads of things. We’re not a news site, but we’ll react to events in the comedy world and beyond.

The aim is to gather a number of comedy insiders to produce things that comedy fans and practitioners would like to read.

Writers are engaged on a revenue share basis, and the panel of writers will be fixed at a maximum size for the first few months. We’re still selecting panel members.